Offshore outsourcing with AttoTel can net your firm much, much more than mere cost savings. We can help you devise and implement a tailor-made offshore outsourcing strategy that is geared specifically to help your organization meet its business objectives and bring about a fundamental positive shift in your processes and prospects. 

Our unique Global Offshore/Onsite Software Delivery Model offers our clients the best of
both worlds: the unparalleled efficiency and value of an offshore development team and
the convenience of one-on-one guidance and consultation from our onsite Aspire team.


AttoTel Offshore Development Model

Here at AttoTel, we’re committed to defining excellence in offshore outsourcing. That’s
why our team strives to develop and deliver cutting-edge policies, models, and practices that are conducive to world-class quality from the point of project initiation to our post-installation follow-up and beyond.