AttoTel mobile software solutions are designed to meet your critical business needs, help you achieve growth and operational efficiency for your business. AttoTel’s application services solutions are developed leveraging industry and technical expertise along with strong products understanding and services capability.

We have proven business process and technology expertise to enable you to collaborate between people, processes and information within your organization. We can help to strengthen internal (employees) and external connections (customers, suppliers, partners), without compromising information security.

Solutions from AttoTel deliver measurable results based on our ability to tailor the right mix of application software, middleware, hardware and services enables us to provide you an effective solution. Our client centric approach coupled with the ability to leverage your existing IT investment creates a winning partnership for you.

We offer Custom Application Development, Application Management services, Managed Testing services, Application Optimization and modernization, across every industry, skill and technical area, for almost every type of application.

AttoTel’s Mobile application solutions

  • Enterprise Mobile HR Management (MobiHR)
  • Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (MobiERP)
  • Mobile Sales and Distribution (MobiSD)
  • Mobile Customer Relationship Management (MobiCRM)
  • Mobile Medical and Health Care Management (MobiMedi)