“What is the best mobile platform on which to launch our offering?”

“What should our enterprise-wide mobile strategy look like over the next 2 years?”

“Should we be re-developing our mobile applications for the iPhone? Can you help us with the development process?”

“We have senior deal-makers travelling worldwide. How can we enable them to access their corporate data and backend systems securely when they’re on the go?”

“How can we secure mobile data and data in transit?”

“Do we build a Mobile Web Application or do we build a smart phone resident app?”

“How do I compute the ROI for our mobility initiatives?”

“What’s happening in my business vertical with respect to mobility?”

“How does mobility impact my brand, my consumers and my workforce?”

“How does our IT architecture need to evolve over the next 3 years to keep pace with the demand of mobile apps for business?”

The implementation of mobility solutions requires companies to build capability and strategy to synthesize many different components including devices, networks, applications and their services as well as the middleware to interface processes. Consider the rapid evolution of mobile platforms and services, and the creation of an enterprise wide mobile strategy becomes challenging. Consider further the fact that certain aspects of an organization are more suited to mobilization than others. ROI computation for a given mobility initiative is also a non-trivial question that businesses must answer.


The Consulting Practice Group (CPG) at Endeavour helps businesses address their concerns around mobility initiatives and build a Mobility RoadMap. Drawing on our track record of substantial technological contributions and our own cross-domain business experience, Endeavour offers a comprehensive suite of strategic consulting services, including



1. Mobility Opportunity Assessment (MOA)

This program benefits the customers who are at the initial stages of considering the value of Mobility but have not yet conceptualized the full scope of its possibilities. As Mobility experts, we seek to understand their business, goals and objectives, identify the improvement areas and assess what can be implemented to improve their business using Mobility.


2. Business Ubiquity Management Program (BUMP)

BUMP benefits customers who have already implemented Mobile Solutions but have not been able to derive their full potential. We help by understanding the constraints that they are facing thereby unleashing the power of Mobility.


3. Mobile Operation Security Services (MOSS)

As the number of mobile devices that have to be supported by IT administrators shoots through the roof, a robust strategy needs to be in place to manage, monitor and support these users. MOSS helps IT administrators identify the potential security risks posed to the organization and helps them overcome the risks.


4. AttoTel Quality Lab

AttoTel has proven expertise in ensuring that all the mobile applications fulfill the desired business objectives and are verified to work on multiple devices and networks. The team has access to over 300 mobile device repository and uses advanced automated tools to adequately stress the application before it is certified for launch.


5. Mobile Internet Marketing

The evolution of Application stores and Mobile Internet opens a tremendous opportunity for enterprises to mobilize their digital assets to mobile marketing platform. The DM team helps devise mobile applications strategy towards adoption of a mobile marketing platform that will increase the brand awareness among their consumers.